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Ryukin Goldfish: Learn Everything From This Helpful Guide

Ryukin goldfish

Do you want to add a fascinating and charming goldfish to your aquarium? The Ryukin should be your first choice and must be the first option to consider. Its unique body shape, vibrant colors, and friendly nature capture your attention and make it your next favorite pet. 

In this article, we will explore the general requirements, care, characteristics, and much more. If you want to become a goldfish keeper, how will goldfish become your favorite after buying them from any place, such as pet stores? Let’s learn by continuing reading. 

What Is Ryukin Goldfish?

A streamlined, slim and short body distinctive fish is called the Ryukin goldfish. Its charming appearance makes it most favorable among many fish keepers. Calm and quiet behavior, agility and activity, and many other distinctive characteristics are pleasurable to observe. They are one of over 200 varieties of goldfish that people love to keep in their aquariums or fish tank.

The dorsal hump makes it different and unique from other goldfish types, and has a distinctive tail or caudal fins. Ryukin is one of the fancy goldfish varieties types that is a short stubby body that looks like an egg with a long tail known as a fringe tail or ribbon tail.

History of Ryukin Goldfish

This specific breed of fancy goldfish was first introduced in Japan in the mid-1700s and is descended from fantail goldfish and Wakin through selective breeding, but the modern ones are from carp kept in ponds in China. 

The name of this fish is derived from Ryuku Island. Still, most of the efforts are made by the Japanese to develop the specific characteristics of Ryukin, among which the most dominant ones are the dorsal hump and tall body. 

It was introduced to the Western world in the early 20th century and became rapidly popular among fish keepers because of its charming body appearance and easy-to-care nature.

Ryukin Overview

Different coloring and unique body appearances have become the reason for its popularity. They are also known as calico goldfish because of their orange and white with mottled black spots. Ryukin goldfish’s average size is 8 inches long, but it can be more if they get proper space. They are well-maintained in larger tanks, properly maintained aquariums, and outdoor ponds. Because of easy to care and polite nature, Ryukin is specially used as an ornamental fish.

How long do Ryukin goldfish live?

Ryukin goldfish can live up to 20 years and is the most extended goldfish lifespan ever considered. If Ryukin lives in a captive space, its life expectancy decreases to 10 to 15 years. 

How Big Do Ryukin Goldfish Get?

The average size of Ryukin goldfish is 8 inches in an aquarium, approximately 21 centimeters in length. Some are reported to grow up to 10 inches if they get proper space, like large ponds, aquariums, and big fish tanks.

Is Ryukin goldfish for sale?

Many pet stores have Ryukin goldfish for sale. It is somewhat more expensive than other goldfish species because of its distinctive characteristics and appearance. The average cost of this goldfish breed is between $8 to $15 in pet stores. If you buy it from breeders, you must pay about $50 for a single goldfish.

Appearance & Behavior

Name Carassius Auratus  (Ryukin goldfish)
Color Different shades of red, orange, and white with black markings.
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
BehaviorQuiet and friendly
Size6 to 10 inches
Tank Size10 gallons
CompatibilityOther freshwater species
Tank SetupFreshwater

When it comes to appearance, Rykin is listed in one of the most beautiful goldfish categories. They have unique body shapes, which is the common reason for their beauty. 

Body appearance

Ryukin has an egg-shaped body that is short and squat with a little round belly. The top of the body has a unique dorsal hump that connects the head to the rest of the body. Combining these unique features gives them an interesting look.

Tail Type 

Three tail types of Ryukin goldfish are as follows:

Long tail: Most Ryukins have a long flowing tail known as a ribbon tail. 

Short tail: Short tail Ryukin has a very charming appearance. Goldfish have tails with short fins that are set right up against the body with a steep tuck.

Broadtail: Squared fin that doesn’t droop makes them broadtail Ryukin goldfish, whose popularity is growing daily. The tail of Ryukin is double finned (short finned or long-finned), and it is not the basic caudal one but is of four tail lobes.


When it comes to color, it appears in a wide variety of colors. Prominent ones are orange, red, white, calico, and sometimes of chocolate color as well. It is also available in a tri-color combination; the most common is orange, white, and black.

Typical Behavior 

Mostly, Ryukin is a calm and peaceful water creature, but sometimes it shows aggressive behavior toward other small fish types. This behavior is especially reported in male Ryukin, who tries to chase his small tank mates and see them as a portion of food to satisfy his hunger needs.

It is one of the most active fancy goldfish types that roam around the tank and explore the environment. That’s why Ryukin needs a lot of space, and the best tank mates must be fast swimmers so that they can get their food easily; otherwise, they may eat all the food before tank mates.

Add live plants to your fish tank or aquarium for Ryukin feed, and they enjoy the environment by hiding under them. Avoid sharp or edgy decorative pieces in an aquarium because they hurt this goldfish breed’s delicate and thin fins.

Tank requirements 

Every breed of goldfish needs different tank requirements, so for Ryukin goldfish and the essential tank requirements are as follows:

Tank size

Appropriate tank size is proof of a healthy and long-lived goldfish; therefore, it is necessary to have a proper fish tank for Ryukin goldfish. If you have a single Ryukin goldfish, then the minimum size of the tank should be 10 gallons. As per our recommendations and keeping in mind the health of Ryukin, we can choose a 20 to 30 gallons tank size for proper growth and development of Ryukin. 

Water Condition

Ryukin is a cold-water species that loves living in low temperatures. The ideal water temperature of this particular goldfish breed is between 64 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check the temperature with an aquarium thermometer and set it according to the external temperature, as in high temperatures; you will need some ice packs to lower the temperature of the aquarium or tank.

If the temperature lowers down below normal for Ryukin, then the Aquarium heater should be used to normalize the tank or aquarium environment. The PH of water for this goldie should be 6.0 to 8.0. When it comes to the general hardness of the water, it should be about 5 to 19 degrees. Ryukin tolerates only 10 to 15 percent of frequent water changes to be safe from diseases and infections.


As Ryukin, like other goldfish species, creates a lot of waste, it is necessary to clean the tank environment; therefore, to avoid such a situation, you will need a high-quality filtration system that not only cleans the tank but also maintains water conditions. A good filtration system helps to remove nutrients present in the water.

Tank decoration

Tank decorations for Ryukin are not much as they have thin and delicate fins. Avoid sharp and edgy ornaments and decorative pieces in the aquarium. Use soft rocks, live plants, caves, and hiding places for Ryukin goldfish.


Ryukin loves to root around the substrate, so use sand substrate to make your goldie comfortable and safe.


Ryukin loves to sleep in the dark, so avoid direct sunlight. Instead, use aquarium moderate light so that your goldie loves the environment.

How To Take Care Of Ryukin Goldfish

It is effortless to take care of a Ryukin goldfish because they need moderate care with less attention as compared to other fancy goldfish varieties. Ryukin goldfish is a freshwater fish that loves being in an outdoor freshwater pond or a large fish tank. If you want to keep them in an aquarium, create enough space to allow them to swim properly and explore the environment. 

Diet and Feed

Most of the Ryukin goldfish’s diet includes commercial fish food like live or frozen foods and fresh vegetables. Fish flakes and high-quality pellets packed with essential nutrients and vitamins should be in the Ryukin diet as a main staple.

Live and frozen food includes brine shrimp, bloodworm, krill, and daphnia, and peas, lettuce, and spinach should be in their fresh vegetable healthy snacks.

It is reported that goldfish are overeaters; therefore, feeding them in moderation about two to three times a day is perfect. 

How to keep your Ryukin goldfish healthy

In order to keep Ryukin goldfish happy and healthy, it is necessary to consider all the common diseases that can affect their health. The most common health problems are Swim bladder, Fin rot, Dropsy, and ich, and sometimes overfeeding. 

You can keep them healthy and fit if you keep their tank clean and provide a healthy, balanced diet. Most of the diseases are attached to cleanliness and diet, just like they don’t have an effective intestinal tract; that’s why food is stuck in dead zones, causing constipation. 

If, in any case, your goldfish start to turn white or black, that means they are suffering from bacterial and fungal diseases. To keep them healthy, you have to take into account some necessary points that are as follows:

  • Keep the tank clean to keep them healthy and fit.
  • Don’t overfeed them as it may cause problems.
  • Give them proper space to grow; thus, they can avoid unusual injuries due to their thin and delicate fins.

Breeding of Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin spawns readily like other goldfish varieties, and you can breed them both in ponds and aquariums. Ryukin becomes more aggressive in the breeding season. Otherwise, they don’t like the noise by nature as they are very quiet.

The best breeding practice is to take a separate 20-gallon tank for breeding and combine the male and female. It is suggested that it should have a fibrous plant with many leaves that are best for breeding tanks. 

Separate the male and female after two to three weeks and feed the female protein-rich food including live and frozen food, for the good health of baby Ryukin.


Ryukin is the most popular and charming fancy goldfish breed that is specially created for ornamental purposes and can be a great addition to your aquarium. To keep your finny friend for a long period of time, you should follow the guidelines discussed above in the article in detail. 

To keep them healthy and fit, remember to take action if you have seen any sign of illness in them. With proper care and taking into account all their needs, you will enjoy more time with your Ryukin goldfish.

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